New Website for Food and Nutrition Coalition (

FNC new website

The Food and Nutrition Coalition has a new website Dig it!

Come and check out our new website: where you can:
● Create an account as a FNC member
● Contribute to our forums
● Share events on our public calendar
● Write stories for our blog


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FNC Hosts #SummerMeals Twitter Town Hall

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“#SummerMeals Are Here” Twitter Town Hall

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Register for the 2012 FNC Annual Meeting – Taking Place December 6

RSVP for the 2012 FNC Annual Meeting

The Food and Nutrition Coalition (FNC) invites you to our 2012 Annual Meeting
Date: December 6, 2012 (Thursday)
Time: 10:00 am – 5:30 pm EST
Who: Open to the Public, But All Attendees Must Register by Nov. 30
Locations: The Annual Meeting will take place simultaneously in 8 different cities across the country.  The 8 different locations will be connected by video, audio, and webinar tool.  You can attend remotely too.
Fee: Meeting is free. Attendees will pay for their own lunch ~$15 (food options may vary by location)
Register and RSVP by Dec. 3 – Registration Now Closed

Purpose: FNC, formerly the Food and Nutrition Service Outreach Coalition, has revamped itself with the creation of an Advisory Board made up of FNC members who represent organizations large and small from across the country.  FNC has also created new Committeesfocused on key issues such as Afterschool Meals and Summer Food, American Indian/Alaska Native Outreach, Farm to School, Hunger-Free Communities, Senior Outreach, Social Media and Innovative Technology, and SNAP at Farmers’ Markets.  We invite you to the annual meeting  to see how FNC can help you and how you can help strengthen FNC.  You will have the opportunity to collaborate and network with our FNC members that share your interests in ending hunger, providing nutrition education, and/or creating just and sustainable food systems.  This is your chance to chart the direction for the new FNC.


November 7, 2012 · 12:36 am

Launch of New Food and Nutrition Coalition – Message From New President

Message from New President Julia Govis

We have a new “battle” ahead of us to create sustainable and just food systems so that no one in America goes hungry. The new Food and Nutrition Coalition is here to help.

By Julia Govis, Food and Nutrition Coalition President

The Food and Nutrition Coalition (FNC) is made up of more than 600 members, all of whom share the common goal of solving hunger issues facing diverse populations throughout America.  I am honored, not only to participate in this Coalition, but to also serve as the group’s first elected president. To me, this is an incredible example of what it means to fully participate in the great ideals that are available when living in a democratic society.

In an attempt to further the collective impact of our individual efforts, the FNC has formed an Advisory Board composed of members representing a broad cross-section of geographical, programmatic, and demographic focus areas. The Advisory Board has formed a number of Committees to encourage greater participation and input from the entire group membership.

It is toward that goal, that I encourage all FNC members to participate in one or more of the following Committees.  I also encourage FNC members to suggest to the Advisory Board any additional Committee topics we may have overlooked and volunteer to lead that committee.  (Read the Constitution for more details.)

The following are our new Committees:

FNC Committees You Can Join
Afterschool Meals &
Summer Food
American Indian/
Native Outreach
Farm to School Hunger-Free
Social Media &
Innovative Technology

By working together in our efforts to end hunger in America, we will succeed in creating sustainable and just food systems and strong resilient communities, as we continue to watch the dream unfold: the dream that sees everyone in America striving to do better. The dream that continues to be a work in progress. The dream that proclaims that good food and good health are the foundation for a fulfilling and productive  life.  I hope that you decide to join us in this goal by working with us on the Coalition and its committees.  I look forward to the opportunity to serve with you.


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